NDT and DT Testing

The laboratory of WNS POMORZE offers non-destructive and destructive testing and independent supervision services of tests carried out by other laboratories. We advise our clients in the selection of testing methods and techniques.
Our management system compliant with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005, as well as the education, technical knowledge and qualifications of our testing laboratory staff guarantee the high quality of the services we offer.
The laboratory personnel includes:
  • Qualified staff with levels III and II international certificates in NDT, in compliance with PN-EN 473/BS EN ISO 9712
  • Qualified operators levels III and II, certified in testing methods: VT, PT, MT, RT, UT
  • Qualified staff with level III certificates providing the service of independent supervision of tests performed by other laboratories
The testing equipment comes from leading manufacturers, such as YXLON, GE Krautkamer, Sonatest, GammaMat, MAGNAFLUX, PARKER and ARDROX.

The testing work is performed in Poland and abroad, especially in Norway – offshore structures and oil platforms.

By providing services of the highest level we meet the expectations of our clients.

  • Non-destructive Testing NDT
    • Visual Testing VT
    • Penetrant Testing PT
    • Magnetic Particle Testing MT
    • Radiographic Testing RT (X-ray and with isotopes Ir-192, Se-75)
    • Ultrasonic testing UT
    • Ultrasonic Thickness Testing UTT
    • Leak testing LT (absolute pressure, penetration, oil-chalk)
    • Hardness Testing HV, HB, HRC with portable durometer for in-the-field testing
    • Measurement of ferrite content
    • Positive Material Identification (PMI)
  • Destructive Testing DT
    • Static tensile test of metals and welded joints
    • Bend test of metals and welded joints
    • Fracture test
    • Hardness Test HV, HB, HRC of metals and welded joints
    • Impact test of metals and welds
    • Metallographic test of welded joints
    • Microscopic examination
Certificates we possess:

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