Heat treatment – PWHT

WNS POMORZE has mobile devices for the heat treatment (preheating, PWHT) of welded joints of steel structures, equipped with programmable temperature controllers and recorders which operate according to pre-set temperature-time characteristics in a temperature range of up to 1000°C.
Our highly qualified technical staff can provide services of preheating for welding and the heat treatment of a wide range of materials (from carbon steel to high-alloy steel), dimensions (diameter and wall thickness) and elements (anchors, propellers, heat exchangers, piping, brackets, etc.).
At our disposal, we have:
  • Mobile 2- and 12-channel resistive devices with a power thrust (22 ÷ 135 kW, 0.5 MW in total) to carry out preheating for welding and annealing, with a full and clear measurement of current parameters recorded and stored on paper tape in the form of charts
  • A large number of heating mats of different shapes allowing work on elements which vary in terms of size and shape
  • Highly qualified and experienced staff