In pursue of the company’s production goals, the Board of WNS POMORZE cares about the health and safety of its employees, contractors and temporary workers, as well as third parties present on the premises.

HSSE policy applies to the nature , scale and complexity of the HSSE risks in the company.

HSSE policy establishes frameworks for setting general and particular goals regarding HSE policy.

Through the constant improvement of working conditions, we strive to enhance our activities in the field of Health and Safety at work.
Our aim is a continuous improvement of activities within HSSE.

We create the technical, economic, organizational and psychological conditions, which prevent from injuries, occupational diseases and events posing the risk of injury and environmental degradation.

We ensure that from the hierarchical superiority to the basic level employee, we will comply with the laws, instructions and procedures concerning HSSE policy and other requirements which the company has committed itself to follow.

Our company provides the means and resources to implement projects related to the effective functioning of the HSSE management system. Every employee has the possibility of acquiring knowledge and skills regarding HSSE awareness. All employees of the company are qualified to perform the allocated tasks in the field of HSSE and are responsible for the execution.

We ensure that the same level of HSSE requirements is applicable to subcontractors and their employees.

On behalf of the Management Board and all employees of WNS POMORZE I accept responsibility for the implementation of HSSE Policy .

Chairman of the Board
Jacek Kaliszewski
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