Quality Management Policy

An obligation of the Management Board, Managerial Staff and a basic task of each employee of our Company is striving to meet the needs, expectations and requirements of our Clients by providing services and products of the highest quality. We believe that harmonious cooperation with the Clients guarantees sustainable development and evokes respect among our competitors. Therefore, our product and service, remaining in accordance with Client’s expectations and ensuring the highest level of used technologies and methods, must, at the same time, meet safety requirements and ensure care for the natural environment.

Bearing in mind the above obligation and in connection with the Integrated Quality and HSSE Management System functioning in our Company, we set the following objectives:

These objectives will be accomplished by establishing and supporting the organization’s context through:

The Management Board of the Company, Managerial Staff and employees are continuously obliged to undertake activities aiming at achieving the objectives defined by the Policy and to imply procedures allowing for effective implementation of the strategic development direction and declared Company Mission, and within the scope of safety – to prevent accidents at work, occupational diseases and near-miss incidents, to care for the environment, in full compliance with the adopted separate HSSE Policy.

  Jacek Kaliszewski

   Chairman of the Board

Gdańsk, 20.12.2017

Certificates we possess: