The WNS POMORZE exam center and school for welders offers trainings directed both to individuals as well as companies.
Training and certification is carried out under the supervision of technical inspection bodies, such as UDT, TÜV Rheinland and PRS.
In the case of DNV Poland, we conduct welding examinations only for groups of over 3 participants.
The training process is supervised by:
  • International Welding Engineers (IWE)
  • International Welding Practitioners (IWP)
All classes are held on the premises of our Welders Training Centre, which is an integral part of our modern technical facilities and is entered in the register of training institutions by the Labour Office in Gdańsk under number 2.22/00138/2009.
Basic and specialized training and qualification tests are conducted in the following welding methods:
  • 111 – Manual Metal Arc welding with covered electrode (MMA)
  • 131 – Metal Inert Gas welding with solid wire electrode (MIG)
  • 135 – Gas Metal arc welding using active gas with solid wire electrode
  • 136 – MAG welding with flux cored electrode (FCAW)
  • 138 – MAG arc welding with active gas shield metal-cored wire (FCAW)
  • 141 – Gas tungsten arc welding using inert gas and solid filler material (wire/rod) (TIG)
Certificates we possess: