Our workplaces

WNS Pomorze company has several locations at its disposal.

The company’s headquarters is located at 12a Twarda Street in Gdańsk. In addition to the office space, there is a small production hall up to 600 m2, an NDT laboratory, a training center for fitters and welders, and a metal heat treatment department.

On the site of the former Gdańsk Shipyard, our two-level production hall is located, with an area of 2 x 1300 m2 and dimensions of 25 x 55 m and a hall height of 5.69 m, which allows us to implement a wide range of projects. The location of the hall is very well connected with the Port of Gdańsk (5 km) and the Port of Gdynia (25 km) and is close to the main transport nodes. There is also the possibility of access to the wharf with cranes near the workshop. We also have a warehouse space of 1,300 m2. Adjacent to the hall is an outdoor square with an area of 1,200 m2 with a 5T crane. There are three 3.2 T, 2.1 T and 1.6 T cranes available.

The company’s equipment includes:

65 TIG welding machines and 24 MIG/MAG

band saws up to 450 mm

30 assembly tables for pipe fitters

25 welding stations for welding pipelines

2 stackers 3,2 T and 2,1 T

annealing furnace