The WNS POMORZE exam center and school for welders offers trainings directed both to individuals as well as companies. Training and certification is carried out under the supervision of technical inspection bodies, such as: UDT-CERT, TÜV SÜD, PRS and DNV GL Polska.
We also provide examinations of welders in the position 6GR according to ISO 9606-1 + AWSD1.1.
Basic and specialized training and qualification tests are conducted in the following welding methods:

111 – Manual Metal Arc welding with covered electrode (MMA)

131 – Metal Inert Gas welding with solid wire electrode (MIG)

135 – Gas Metal arc welding using active gas with solid wire electrode

136 – MAG welding with flux cored electrode (FCAW)

138 – MAG arc welding with active gas shield metal-cored wire (FCAW)

141 – Gas tungsten arc welding using inert gas and solid filler material (wire/rod) (TIG)

In addition, we provide courses for fitters in the field of oxygen-acetylene torch cutting and an electro-air gouging course for welders..

The high quality of the courses is ensured by the professional staff of WNS POMORZE, consisting of certified welding engineers (IWE) and instructors (IWP). Our experienced staff has an excellent knowledge of the industry, which helps students to guide their further career development.

The course consists of:

Theoretical part of the course

Practical part of the course

Practical exam according to the standard EN ISO 9606 and the theoretical exam

All classes take place in the premises of the Welding School WNS POMORZE at ul. Twarda 12a in Gdańsk. We train from Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm.

The duration of the course is individually adjusted to the needs and skills of the student. Due to the possibility of an individual training course, you can start the course at any time.

We provide 12 welding stations equipped with modern tools of the renowned Kamppi company and workstation stays at the students’ disposal. Throughout the duration of the practical training, each student has an independent workplace.

The course price guarantee:

Practical training + all materials necessary for training

Theoretical lectures + teaching materials

Final exam

Cost of documents (certificate)

Full protective equipment (gloves, welding helmets, etc.)

The prices of welding courses vary depending on the welding method and material group.
Organized groups of more than 3 people receive an attractive discount.

After completing the course and passing the exam, the student receives:
A certificate of course completion
Welder’s Certificate issued by a selected classification society(UDT-CERT, TÜV SÜD, PRS or DNV GL Poland)

  • All classes are held on the premises of our Welders Training Centre, which is an integral part of our modern technical facilities and is entered in the register of training institutions by the Labour Office in Gdańsk under number 2.22/00138/2009.